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A big big factor of starting a business together was having a charitable element; both Sam and I have spent our careers in very commercial worlds. In our venture together we wanted to make a bit of money, but we also wanted it to be ethical and to help others and I can’t think of a better place to start than our partnership with CoppaFeel!. The charity is an amazing breast cancer charity that focuses on the importance of knowing your boobs, looking for changes in them and therefore helping early detection in the event it is something a bit more ominous.


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When I was 19, at uni, I found a lump…

It's meant I’ve spent the last 15 years being really vigilant with checking my boobs. At 19 though it was pretty scary, I had ultra sound scans to check everything and with my maternal grandma at the time going through treatment for breast cancer, I was fairly shaken up. It turned out, luckily in my case, to be entirely hormonal, a normal build up in the breast tissue, throughout my early and mid 20’s I had 4 or 5 further scans to check that the lump was just the normal hormonal build up.


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Then I started having babies and breastfeeding where your boobs take on a whole new role. That same lump started to cause me issues with breastfeeding, so off I went to get checked again, ultra sound after ultra sound, this time the lump was actually a blocked milk duct which had to get drained (sorry for TMI!).


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The point I’m trying to make is that I have always monitored my boobs closely, it might be a bit embarrassing when you go to the docs but in actual fact now I quite happily whip my boobs out for the doctor (I think childbirth does that to you – goodbye dignity!) but they’re honestly not bothered and often they can eliminate concern or refer you very quickly for further investigations. So, as CoppaFeel! say, if in doubt, get it checked out. A mantra I live by.

Breast cancer sadly is within my family; we also recently lost one of my husband’s very treasured Aunties to it and if I can in any small way join the voice of education around checking your boobs I feel really lucky to have the opportunity.

A donation is being made to CoppaFeel! for every About Time Planner bought, and we’ve also dropped in some useful tips and hints around getting to know your boobs as well as a monthly reminder throughout the year to have a good old feel and check in on them.

I’d be happy to answer any questions about my boob-based experiences so do please give me a shout.

Lou xx

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