Living the Swan Life (#livingtheswanlife)

As a working woman, wife and mum I am constantly juggling a lot of ball’s all at once. I realise in this sense I’m no different to most people, who have 101 things to do at any given time.

What I have always wondered though is, is it just me or is everyone this busy?

I am currently on maternity leave, and being honest it’s probably a good job (I bet some people read this and roll their eyes, as that would’ve been me before having children). Between looking after a 7 month old, the mounds of washing (that come from a reluctant toilet trainer and a weaning baby #poogate), alongside fitting in hospital appointments and setting up About Time Planners – I just don’t catch a minute. A minute to myself anyway!

Currently getting a break for me is the walk around the car when both children are tied down.

Kids pinned into the car for the win!


I am not complaining….. I love my life. But it’s bloody tough sometimes!

Since having kids I’ve realised there are 2 types of mums, those that are honest about how tough motherhood can be (that would be me!), and the others – I like to call them ‘Swans’ (those that make it look effortless and never complain) but I suspect are flapping just as much beneath the surface that we don’t see!

Motherhood can be really tough sometimes!


We are all the same, juggling children and work, housework and exercise. Just some people seem to handle it far better and more efficiently than others. Personally, I’ve come to realise that I need to allow myself some time at least twice a week to do nothing or to do something for myself, in order for me to function at 100% (well probably 75% with sleep deprivation). If I don’t give myself a break from time to time, then I end up hitting a brick wall and that’s when I usually end up ill.

The height of my ironing pile is usually a good marker for how well I am juggling everything that week.

Currently on an okish week!


My point is that we are all living the ‘Swan Life’, or are at least trying too! We’d all love to appear calm and collected on the surface, but will always be frantically paddling underneath to keep afloat. 

Everyone deals with their home and worklife differently. Some people need to focus on one task at once and others can juggle 10 balls all at the same time and not drop a single one. I’ve realised (it’s taken a while) that us women just need to suss out what works best for us and stick with it.

This constant juggling act is partly where About Time was borne from, Lou and I needed something that captured everything that was buzzing around our busy heads in one clever space to prop us up in our journey to live the ‘Swan Life’!

Which category do you fall into and have you any super tips to help keep afloat?

Sam x

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