My Stationery Habit

I’m a book sniffer, always have been. Walking into Waterstones is like a Chanel No. 5 counter to me. The smell of paper all neatly stacked, beautifully aligned really does float my boat. It can be reading books, blank notebooks, a magazine, I’m not fussy. I view stationery a little bit like trophies, from being a child, my stationery was always kept very neat and tidy, I also kept it all for years and years, and in some ways I didn’t want to soil them by actually writing in them. It’s a bit odd I know but I haven’t grown out of it, in fact it’s probably getting worse with age. Early indications also suggest my eldest Edie, now nearly 3.5 years old appears to be genetically inclined to also obsess over little notebooks and pretty pens. (Who care’s if she can do her phonics, I’d say that’s a parenting win right there!).

Launching About Time for me has been like throwing a child into a soft play centre with free sweets at the bottom of each twisty slide! When we started to meet printers…oh the paper, the reams of neatly stacked paper all smelling lovely! Given I’m a self-confessed stationery nut, you may be surprised my diary planner is something I do treat a bit differently. It comes with me everywhere, from my work backpack to the nappy changing bag, to being on the side in the kitchen. It takes some abuse. I also write in it at such different times of the day, a dashed note in the office, a calmer reflection once the kids are in bed. My handwriting tends to vary throughout it, there might be crossing out, there might even be a different ink… I know, I’m wildly out of control with it. But that’s ok. It is. I can cope because a planner is a deeply personal thing, it’s a journey throughout a year and shit me a lot happens in a year doesn’t it? I kinda love the differences from week to week, the satisfaction of crossing things off my to do list, knowing I did get that birthday card in the post on time!

With our About Time planner, I can’t tell you how much we’ve sweated over the details of the presentation of the planner and making sure we got all the functions in there that have driven us mad over years of using diaries. And I already know that my journey through the book will be different to Sam’s and everyone else who gives one a whirl. I know for a fact my blank pages in the back will in fact be a beautiful(!) art gallery to Edie’s drawings when we’re in a coffee shop and I forget her drawing books. I know that there’ll be memories of new babies arriving throughout the year, there’ll be holidays to plan, budgets to definitely keep track of and all the weekly mundane stuff in my life that I try to balance.

I suspect we won’t get it all right with the first edition and therefore I’d love to hear how you use your planners, are you in the neat & tidy camp or are you the slightly more organic & creative planner? This is a journey we want to share with you all and for you to share it with us, if there’s a feature you’d love to see incorporated next year let us know. I’ll be sure to document some more of my crazy stationery habits with you, which I know you’ll be gripped by.

Lou xx

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