Organised Chaos

Me and Lou are working women who constantly juggle our work and home life.

We do everything from the weekly shop, to remembering our children’s fancy dress for world book day and fitting in exercise when we can (not as often as we should) around having reasonably stressful jobs.

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We are constantly keeping our own and our families balls in the air. But we have never had anything to help us do this before…….Who knows what would happen if our other halves had to do this for a week. It would definitely be Pizza for tea most nights and the beds would never be made! Me and Lou often refer too ourselves as the facilitators of our households 

I have spent many a sleepless night, trying to remember everything that needs to happen before I leave the house in the morning. The ten things I need to get done, before even getting to work. My head constantly feels like its going to explode with everything that I have to remember, from meter readings to refilling the nursery bag, to remembering dog food and also making sure my laptop is fully charged for tomorrows meeting. 

Us women have to do it all, and do it gracefully – without dropping any balls!

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As sad as it sounds, I have always got excited about getting a new annual diary/ planner. Because for me, the only way that I can remember everything is to write it down. Yes, I have an iPhone but I personally don’t think you can beat having a good old fashioned planner.

Every year I go for a different planner, as none of them ever seem to do what I need them too. I always find myself making separate lists in a notepads, or having 2 planners – 1 for work and 1 for home life. Every year I seem to be left disappointed with the one I have bought, as they either have pages of useless info such as international dial codes, which I will never use….Or there is never enough space for me to get everything out of my mind and down on to the page – in an organized way. A way to focus me in my week/month ahead. 

Organisation is my middle name….it’s not really, but you get the drift. All of my family say that I am the most organised person they know, and I kinda have to agree.

This is where I came up with the idea of designing my own planner, which does exactly what I need it to do – so no more scribbling over useless boxes, or buying 2 planners (1 for home and the other for work). 

The idea of getting everything out of my mind and down on to paper seems to free up headspace, so that I can continue to be organized but sleep better.

I knew that Lou was a huge lover of stationery – each Christmas we would discuss which planner we were buying for the following year (yes, we are that cool!), so I casually mentioned the idea to her of designing our own planner, which had everything we want from a planner as a working women, the idea of getting everything out of our busy minds and into a structured and well thought out planner, designed by working women for working women and she was instantly on board. Her love of paper and my love of organisation are a match made in stationery heaven! 

That is when About Time was born….


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