Our Story

Pals for 15 years…

…we’ve been through it all together, the boyfriend woes including those that graduated to husbands (Hi Alex & Anthony!). Two pre-school children each, a busy working life, playing netball together in ALL the weathers.

And there was once an emergency hangover collection from Manchester that only a very good friend could survive (there might have been a McDonalds paper bag at the end of the M602 which didn’t hold up too well under force of vomit – sorry if TMI…!).

That kind of history and a very similar approach to life and motherhood has meant setting up About Time has been a lot of fun.

We consider ourselves professionals, we do actually have respectable careers in our own fields, juggling work commitments, child care and sometimes, maybe, dragging ourselves to the gym to sit on a mat stretching whilst checking Instagram. However, we’ve always procrastinated over many a maternity leave coffee about doing something for ourselves, together. So we figured it was About Time to do something about it.

We’re both lovers of lists, lovers of being organised and lovers of all things stationary.

We’ve spent years being frustrated at planners that only work for either home or work, and not both. Years of flitting between brands trialing the different options out there, including the really beautiful ones which look the part but just leave you mad, scribbling notes in the tiny margins, and those at the other end of the spectrum, functional without personality.


So, we pulled together a Planner that we think will make our lives that little bit easier.

A Planner that combines work and personal lives, a Planner that reminds you it’s World Book Day, a Planner that tracks budgets, annual leave, what you’re having for tea that night, and room for everything else buzzing around our busy heads.

It’s not electronic or an app, it’s a proper paper, carry-it-round-in-your-handbag Planner, designed and printed in the north of England, but one that works and one that looks the biz. It won’t look out of place in a Board Room or on a coffee shop table. It’s a book About Time, planning it, spending it wisely and helping you keep track of your day. 

We also felt very strongly about doing something that allowed us to support a fantastic charity, to give something back and we feel very lucky to have created a great partnership with the gang at CoppaFeel!

For us it was About Time we did something together as a creative partnership, it was also About Time we found something to help us manage busy working lives better.

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